Why Me I am not only a software provider but also a Consultant and Adviser, who can plus your vision and ideas to stay ahead in the business always.

Vast Experience, Perfect Team and Ethical approach

I have developed a lot of websites for a wide variety of clients. From a static home page to ones with extensive flash presentation and database driven portals, I have done it all. Also I have some of the finest talents in the industry backed by an equally complementing experience, who work under my guidance. I have a perfect team of 

  • System Analysts - to understand your requirements better
  • Programmers -to make dynamic content pages & response form and code everything in accordance with programming ethics
  • Designers -to design the website as per you business theme
  • UI Designers -to make website in user friendly layout

I do care for my clients and their clients too

There are several companies who can provide you good quality service at a good price. I can do the same. But I add up by providing genuine concern and commitment to your business, your clients and his business. This adds up to your business in long term and results in a flowering strong relationship, which we cherish the most. 

My Credibility

In my 24 years IT consulting career (since 1996), I've done over several thousands small to medium size projects for clients from USA, UK, Ireland, Estonia, Australia and India. I can gladly get you the references as per your request for the projects (I haven't signed NDA for). I also provide 2 months of warranty* on any web-based solution that I provide so that none of my clients feel stranded in case they face problems with the delivered work.

* If you hire us for maintenance, the period will be as long as we are maintaining your website. (conditions apply and negotiable)

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